Aug 26 2013

“STORYTELLERS” From Disney California Adventure Theme Park

This was done for the Pageant of the Masters, 2013 show called, ‘The Big Picture’. It is a replica of the bronze statue existing at the main street intersection in DCA. I completed Mickey and the trunk using 2lb and 4lb urethane foams. Walt himself is actually a real person. As with all subjects in the Pageant, living people take their place in each of the Tableaus. This ‘Living Picture’, or ‘Tableau Vivant’, started in France hundreds of years ago and the Pageant in Laguna Beach has been putting on their own show for over 80 years. The history of the show, as well as the masterpieces on display, make this a must see event. If you’ve seen it once, you go back. This is why you should get tickets early if you want to see it at all as it sells out rather quickly.

This was a Turn Key Project in which I hardcoated the foam with spray urethane and tediously applied Bondo and sanded until a smooth bronze finish was achieved for Mickey. You see the Bondo, which looks like night cream, covering Mickey’s face in one step of the process. The trunk started from one piece of foam which I subtracted down to the final shape. I then applied upholstery tacks for the rivets after hardocating and sanding was done. The Pageant actually painted this which means it wasn’t a true Turn Key for me, but it was primed and ready to go so I call it such.