Aug 26 2013


These reliefs I did for Sketchers in 2012. After doing fully round sculptures for them for several years I proposed these reliefs as an alternative to the fully round versions. The fully round sculptures were great when they could fly them, but they seemed to take up too much floor space if placed on the ground. This conversion of their 2D graphics is both dynamic and affordable. This makes three years in a row that they’ve ordered more reliefs and I hope this is a trend that continues. I am also proposing the same ideas to my other clients to help their 2D stickers ‘pop’ off their walls.

These two inch reliefs were done out of 4lb urethane foam that I then hardcoated and did my Bondo and sanding process to achieve a super smooth finish. Lightweight and strong and on model, this gives the client a lot of ‘bang’ for their buck.