It Starts with a Good Sculpt
JMK Sculpture understands that a quality sculpture is the number one goal of our clients. Visually on model and executed in a clean and professional manner has kept top clients coming back here project after project. For over 10 years we have been providing dependable quality, on time and on budget. Our sculptures are built to the specific needs of each client and designed to last beyond that. We want to bring your idea to dimensional life. The most challenging project or the simplest are welcome. Estimates are based on time and materials generally. We work faster than most too. Email us your plans for an estimate!

Scale Representations
Your idea, sketch, or model: Sculpted and brought to life. Any size, any depiction. Subject to additional time for creating proper views if the level of reference provided is sparse.

Technical, Figurative, Reliefs
High Precision projects with a full set of plans or a concept sketched on a napkin. We invite anyone with sculpting needs to allow us a chance to discuss the benefits of our streamlined process . Strong Relief technique, Dynamic action Figures, with Automotive and Manufacturing tolerance capabilities. Each technique is represented through various pictures on this site.


Quick Turnaround
We specialize in quick turnaround projects involving studio and commercial shoots. Shops also depend on us when they get an overflow of sculpting opportunities. We are also trusted with ‘Hero’ pieces or ‘Marquee’ work when only the best will do to represent the client when time is not the main driving force. Having done several Marquees for Disney and ‘Hero’ pieces like the SAG Award, we take pride that our work continues to please guests and clients to this day. Or they have a Marquee or Hero Piece that they want special from us and it isn’t in such a rush. What is your priority? Do the Timeframes and Budgets dictate the Quality or does the Quality come first and foremost? Let’s talk and make your project happen as you need it! On Time, on Budget, and looks great!

Collaboration with the Experts
Our expert worked at Walt Disney Imagineering for over a decade before being president of JMK Sculpture for another decade plus. When a project requires an expert outside of our House we call upon certain contacts who have established themselves as ‘tops’ in their fields. I’m talking the Best Disney Painters, Conceptual Story Board Artists, Maquette designers, Mold makers/ parts producers or what-have-you. JMK Sculpture works with top companies who have been servicing the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for years, decades sometimes. We bring experience and Know How to the table. Here’s a list of the most commonly used outsourcing by us.

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Tooling
  • Clear Casting
  • Fiberglass (FRP, FRV, FRG)
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Special Effects
  • Electronics
  • CNC Milling

Project Management
Allow us to oversee the entire project and implement our methods of production for an efficient and expedient conclusion. All details of an entire project or a portion of your scope can be handled by us whether the work is performed in your facility or ours. We will listen, plan, and deliver what you want. See our ‘Float’ work and ‘Geico Displays’ to see examples of projects we managed.


What Do you Want
Tell us! We begin by listening to what our client wants; their needs and expectations. We discuss the different factors and variables, and then present the best approach to achieve the client’s objective. We communicate throughout the project, adapt to changes as necessary, and deliver a top quality project within budget, and within the desired time frame.

Building Trust
We will be honest with you in your projects assessment. If you can be better serviced by a milling company then we will recommend it. I don’t want to waste your time or ours if I can help you out by a referral. Let’s see what you have in mind and we’ll go from there.

No matter who you are
Whether you are the corporate President, a fledging entrepreneur, or the small business upstart, Let us help you SHINE! Budget us in and it’s a win-win.

JMK Sculpture is right for you

If you like the images shown here on this site, know that your project will be given the same attention to quality and detail as everything here was.

Contact us and let’s get it done.