Aug 21 2013

Penguin Movie Prop

This prop was made for an upcoming movie. It was a turn-key project which meant I took it from the drawing provided to the 7’5″ character you see pictured here. It started with EPS foam and then I hardcoated it with spray urethane to give it a durable, protective coating. I then had to sand, smooth, and add Bondo and sand again until a semi-smooth surface was achieved. Then I primed and painted it to look like a penguin. I continue to take the extra steps to make hardcoated foam look like a fiberglass piece which traditionally is a smoother finish. In essence, the client is getting a fiberglass looking piece at a fraction of the cost.

You’ll also see the oversized crate I made to safely transport via air freight. It arrived on time, on budget, safe and sound to happy clients.