Aug 26 2013


These were done for ComiCon 2012. They were part of a scavenger hunt that went on in the downtown area outside of the convention center in San Diego. The objective was for people to locate the holes and a get a code that was on the yellow tape and enter it to secure 1 of 300 seats for a special screening of the next MARVEL installment. These were on display from Friday morning through Sunday evening during the ComiCon weekend. On the Thursday night, preceding the start on Friday, they already had 66,000 hits on their website looking for these holes.

They wanted me to assure them, both MARVEL and Disney, that no harm would come to the historical buildings where the sites were chosen. Adhesive remnants, scratched brick, or solvent faded color were not an option so I came up with the idea to bring each hole down to the ground with my specially designed metal armature. My armature essentially held each hole flush against the wall where no chance of harm to the building came into play. Everything worked great! My client, including MARVEL and Disney, were all happy with not only the promotion, but with the look and how I assured that they would not be on the hook for any property damage.