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JMK Sculpture transforms your idea into reality. Large or small, we provide prompt, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions for all your sculpting needs.

Stoneridge Residence Wall

631 square feet of FRP built to spec are hanging in this house on Mulholland Drive in Bel Aire California. Taking the architects specific designs we brought them to life in foam. Then large molds were made and parts produced to be installed and painted. The highest level of craftmanship was required and delivered.


A fully three dimensional moving billboard. This truck went on a 6 week tour of California, Nevada, and Arizona. Everything held up perfectly. Structurally sound and looking good. Reference was incomplete and workable views had to be made-up as we went along.

Geico Powersports

Two consecutive orders of 10 displays each. Each unit went to separate Cabela’s Sporting Goods Stores throughout the country. The quality was consistent from the first to the twentieth one. Built to last out of FRP with steel reinforcing each unit.

The LAB Gallery Installation